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Mission Statement:

To fix computer software and minor hardware problems in the downtown Portland area at a reasonable cost at the location of the client.

We do not bring a lab or all necessary components with us. Nor do we know, without looking at the customers machine, whether we can offer a solution that will fit the customers needs. For this reason we give the customer the option that if the solution we offer does not fit the customers needs then they will receive no further services from us and in turn will incur no financial obligation. In short if you don't like what we decide to do after accessing your problem, you don't pay anything.

In order to make this offer, we must limit our time obligation by leaving the obligation of saving and or backing up all files to the customer. This means the customer is responsible for restoring the system to how it was before we got there. We will do no work on hardware without the consent of the customer and the agreement of the customer that On-Site Computer Consulting and it's agents have no liability or financial obligation for that hardware. On-Site Computer Consulting takes no responsibility for lost or damaged computer files or damaged computer equipment.